Voice Transmission over Low Data Rate Wireless Networks: Embedded Systems and Implementation

Voice transmission over wireless networks can be done in various ways. Some of these technologies are feasible in many real life scenarios, but there are many consequences we have to consider in this field, such as packet loss and quality of the voice degradation. These proposed solutions are mainly focused on the voice transmission over high data rate network, considering the higher level of data rate on those transmissions. But for the low data rate voice transmission, not much work has been done. especially in terms of practical design and the implementation of that design. In this project, we design an embedded solution and implement our design to transfer voice data over low data rate enabled components. We embed and implement the design with low cost and low power components and send voice/audio data over a personal area network (PAN). At the end, we collect the data from our embedded design by running the tests and optimising the numerical results. The numerical results show that with this design the voice data can be sent over low data rate network in real time with very little latency and relatively long range in distance.


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